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I do love Calvin and Hobbes!

Dog with the blog!

Quite like Calvin, my human sidekick Calvy (pompously named after the cult child) misses a filter between his brain and mouth 🙂 Bill Waterson, the creator of the iconic comic strip, once quipped, “Hobbes has the patient dignity and common sense of most animals I’ve met. Like Calvin, I often prefer the company of animals to people, and Hobbes is my idea of an ideal friend”.

How true!
For those of you who haven’t heard of Calvin & Hobbes, here are the comic strips.

Calvin’s rambunctious character and an intelligence quotient which is clearly superlative for a six year old along with Hobbes wisdom made for a great read. Though frequently depicted in the strip as a selfish kid, Calvin does exhibit a deeply caring side for fauna and flora. He often remarks on the pettiness of humans and envies the quiet dignity of animal life.  The wonderful…

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