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About My Blog


This is me, Lewis


This is my blog, Reviewed By Lewis. It’s aimed at keeping my writing muscles honed and giving me a public forum for my opinions. It’ll feature awesome reviews of recent video games, films, books and other equally geeky things.

The first reviews that will feature will be Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and DC Online. The blog will likely be updated somewhat sporadically until I settle into a routine, and as well as reviews will also feature articles that may well go off on strange tangents, such as: Why Guillermo Del Toro needs to make a B-movie creature feature.

So keep checking in as I’ll try to have something fun posted, hopefully something that will spark some discussions. If you like my reviews I can also be found on

Feel free to comment.

So with further preamble, here’s the blog I hope you enjoy it.


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