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How To Train Your Dragon

How to Train your Dragon is the story of Hiccup the hapless wannabe dragon slayer who befriends a young dragon and tries to, yep you guessed it, train him up. This family-friendly animated adventure has a great comedy cast and a fun, engaging story.

The film is funny, heartwarming and well rounded enough to appeal to adults and children alike, It’s the perfect film for a quiet Sunday afternoon when you want to keep the kids occupied, or if you are just looking for an charming, whimsical story of Vikings and dragons learning to get along.

The voice attacking is top notch, Gerard Butler plays the hulking Viking warrior to perfection, and Jay Baruchel as Hiccup is a convincing and sympathetic hero. There are some genuine edge of your seat moments when you watch the skinny, unassuming Hiccup face off with rather miffed fire breathing beastie. Girls will find a positive character in Astrid the rough-tough apprentice slayer, voiced by Ugly Betty’s America Ferrera.

How to Train Your Dragon is fun for the whole family with a sense of humor that will appeal to kids, with plenty of laugh out loud moments and adults who will find the whole film amusing, kind and carrying a moral worthy of any Aesop’s Fable.


Why Guillermo del Torro MUST make a Creature Feature B-movie.

BECAUSE HE BLOODY WELL SHOULD AND IT WOULD BE FRAKKING AWESOME, THAT’S WHY. But if you prefer a more detailed and coherent argument keep reading.

Guillermo del Torro, for the clueless among you, is the genius mind behind great films such as Hellboy 1 & 2, Pan’s Labyrinth. So reason number one for why Signor del Toro should make a Creature Feature B-movie, well he’s awesome, but that is a rather subjective reason. Apparently he learnt make up and effects from the guy that worked on The Exorcist. His work draws inspiration from insects when creating his creatures.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army is a prime example, The Angel of Death and the elemental forest god, are amazingly creepy, and beautifully rendered. Just a imagine a sky-scraper tall creature somewhere between the Grape Monster in Pan’s Labyrinth and the Angel of Death rampaging through down-town Tokyo or maybe even Central London. I would dearly love to see a gigantic insectoid monster stomp on Topshop.

The purpose of this post is to entertain and hopefully let the wonderful mental image of the beautiful creature del Torro would spawn blossom in your mind. It’s probably not going to happen for a LONG time, if ever. Just look at the sheer amount of projects he is involved in for the next two years (courtesy of IMDB) dang, that guy’s gonna have no time for sleep let alone a Creature Feature B-movie. Oh well I can dream…about monsters.

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