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Dead Space 2 Review

This is a review that I wrote a while back for 

Dead Space 2 is one of my all-time favourite games and this is one of my best reviews (even if I do say so myself).

Just when it felt safe to switch on your console again, Isaac is back, and he’s carving his way through another Necromorph outbreak. Dead Space 2 picks up three years after it’s predecessor, and finds our plucky, and very disturbed hero neck deep in reanimated, murderous corpses. The popular gameplay of strategic dismemberment has been retained from the first game, so it will feel very familiar, however there have been some inspired new additions to the ranks of the undead, watch out for the stalkers (the clue is in the name).

Isaac’s no errand boy in this one, there is an actual sense of the engineer hiding behind the plasma cutter. While the game play is no great improvement on the original, it’s hard to argue with the powerhouse that was Dead Space. There are many genuine, standout moments, including the emergency ejection sequence when Isaac needs to get back to the fight in a hurry.

Visceral Games have obviously paid attention to the criticism of their audience, as within in the first 30-minutes you see Isaac’s face and hear his dulcet tones, and then see him flee in terror.

The survivalist element is downplayed somewhat, in favor of giving Isaac more firepower and an improved right hook that floors a rampaging necromorph. There is also a very strong psychological element, voices whisper Isaac’s name from the shadows and the talon-tipped corpses remain just out of sight as they stalk you in darkness. While this was present in the original it has been amped up to a whole new level.

New weapons and equipment have been added to the inventory, these allow for different strategies, and give Isaac the firepower he needs to survive. Some old favorites have been retained, including the ever-reliable plasma cutter and the industrial saw ripper.

One of the better additions of the game is the inclusion of an online multiplayer. While it suffers from some connectivity issues, and the game types are limited, the team-based showdowns are very enjoyable, and make a welcome addition to an already tremendous game.

Dead Space 2 does what every good sequel should do, the action is tense, the story is immersive, and draws from the original. Visceral and EA have outdone themselves. Be prepared to very creeped out.

Issac Vs a Necromorph


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