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Prometheus Review

I finally got around to seeing Prometheus. It was well worth the wait, I saw it in 3D on the big screen at the RAI in Amsterdam. This was during IBC2012 (International Broadcasting Convention). I saw it on a laser projection screen in Dolby Surround 7.1 and Dolby 3D.

All this means that the quality was incredible. In terms of the actually movie I really enjoyed it. I have been a fan on the Alien franchise for a long time, even suffering through Alien Versus Predator 1 & 2, and the horror that was Alien: Resurrection.

Anyway I have always wondered about the giant in the chair from the original Alien film, now I know, well just about.

Even with the plot holes, and unfortunately there were a few, Prometheus synced up with Alien and Aliens very well. I don’t want to post too many spoilers but if you want to get some answers on the origins, then go and see Prometheus.

While it answers plenty of questions that have remained unanswered for over 20 years as a film it stands up in it’s own right fairly well. There is plenty of substance and character interaction to carry the film so that the excellent effects and 3D don’t feel like the end all of the film.

That said the effects are remarkable, which the filmmakers decided to showcase by filming many shots of Charlize Theron’s long, flowing hair. Considering that the film takes place over about 48 hours, she changes her hairstyle a rather inordinate amount of times. Still it looks very pretty in high-def 3D.

Later on there is an almost obligatory race against time to save the human race. While this is important to the overall plot it is somewhat clichéd, with a sequel in the works I think this will become even more of a major plot point.

Some of the characters feel familiar, such as Elizabeth Shaw who is quite reminiscent of Ripley. However this doesn’t come off as a carbon copy rather as a nod to an iconic female protagonist.

In true Alien style there are some genuinely creepy or horrifying moments. The sort of moments that do the face huggers and chest-bursters proud. Prometheus is an entertaining Sci-fi thriller that as a stand-alone film would have been found wanting but when synced with the Alien series pulls together rather well.


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