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WoW Revisited

With World of Warcraft going free to play I have decided to revisit Azeroth, and test my mettle against the hardiest bunch of kids to ever wield a keyboard and a broadband connection.

With over 10 millions players worldwide, this alone marks WoW as a powerhouse, a true force to be reckoned with, and yet it’s vast appeal is in part wherein lies the problem.

I have been a subscriber/player of wow 3 times on and off, once when I was at university, due to a near total lack of desire to do my reading or go outside. Again when I left university and found fairly gainful employment and now.

The first two times I paid and played, I was hooked for the first 20-30 levels, investing huge amounts of time and energy into making my character considerable richer than myself. And yet each time I found myself hopelessly drawn in, and also rather bored.

Going back to the game and restarting from scratch, meant that I very quickly leveled up my shiny new Dwarf Warrior character and that I knew where to find my professions as well.  This gave me an advantage so I quickly reached the level 20 cap for the starter edition.

The rather simplistic and occasionally tedious game-play looses its shine after awhile and yet you still find yourself playing until the early hours of the morning.

But there’s more to WoW than the game play, the brilliant social element of it makes me wonder why more Facebook users don’t get their social media fixes mixed with a healthy(ish) dose of raiding. There genuine moments of social interact, high-level characters stopping what they are doing just to help a low-level guild member who is having trouble with their quest.

All that said WoW is awesome. Without it so many video games would not strive to push the boundaries of online play. So I whole-heartily suggest that you give World of Warcraft a go. It’s free to play for the first twenty levels, and if you aren’t hooked then I’m a level 5 Orc Paladin (I’m not).


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